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In winter, electric cars consume significantly more energy than in the summer months – on average between 25 and 31 percent more. Fuel consumption can even increase by up to 50 percent on short-distance journeys. Low temperatures negatively affect the battery capacity, which leads to extended charging times and reduced range. For this reason, it is advisable to park the electric vehicle in a garage to avoid extreme cold in winter.
Electric cars are generally more environmentally friendly and easier to maintain than vehicles with combustion engines. They are cheaper to maintain and repair due to fewer moving parts and a more robust drive system. The brakes also last longer, as electric cars convert the kinetic energy into electricity during braking and thus put less strain on the brakes. In many countries, electromobility is also promoted through government subsidies, tax advantages and special rights.
  • Value stability: the value stability of an electric car depends on the popularity of the model and its everyday usability. Less in demand electric cars are cheaper on the used car market.
  • Lease or buy: leasing can be a good alternative if you do not want to enter into a long-term commitment. It allows for time-limited EV usage without having to worry about resale.
  • Check subsidies: the purchase of electric cars is subsidised in many countries. It is therefore advisable to check the funding programmes in the respective country.
The battery can account for up to 40-50 percent of the resale value. When buying a used car, it is worth looking at the remaining battery capacity: this decreases over time and is influenced by the individual driving and usage behaviour of the previous owners. A battery test with SoH value can provide clarity. It is also worthwhile for those selling the used car to check the remaining battery capacity. This can optimise the resale price.

You should have the electric car battery checked before selling it. Prospective buyers can ask about the SoH value and negotiate the sales price accordingly. As with the combustion-engine cars, proof of complete service history is also advantageous for possible warranty claims.

In the case of online sales platforms, it is advisable to use an established marketplace with a large selection of used electric cars. These usually have a good user base and filter options, which means that interested parties can find suitable offers more quickly.

Finally, a test drive can be offered to increase the likelihood of sale.