E-car credit

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Regardless of the country, the following forms of financing are available for an electric car credit: standard loan (instalment loan or annuity loan), promotional loans, balloon financing, residual value leasing, zero-percent financing, long-term loan. However, the exact terms and interest rates vary from country to country and from lender to lender. It is therefore advisable to compare the offers of different lenders and check the terms of the contract before making a decision. 

Self-financing is the right option for those with sufficient capital who want to fully own the electric car. The direct payment of the total amount means that the vehicle belongs to you completely without interest or monthly instalments. Many dealers also offer discounts for cash buyers.

Many drivers will use a car loan if they want to invest in an electric car but don't want to use up all their savings. Many manufacturers, dealers or banks offer discounted car loans with special conditions that make it possible to finance the electric car in convenient instalments. However, one disadvantage of debt financing is that interest is charged on the loan.

A classic car loan is a form of vehicle financing where you borrow a fixed amount of money from a bank or credit institution to buy a car. These are dedicated loans that are repaid in regular, constant instalments after an initial down payment. At the end of the term, the loan is repaid and the electric car is legally purchased. Car loans offer a traditional and clear financing option for electric car buyers.
Balloon financing, also known as three-way financing, is divided into three instalments: down payment, instalment loan and final instalment. This is worth considering if you are unsure whether you want to keep the car or return it after you have paid off the loan. If you keep the vehicle, you pay a higher final instalment. This instalment is often more than half of the total loan. If the final instalment is too high, follow-up financing can be applied for. The advantages here are the low monthly instalments and the option of not having to finally decide on the purchase of the electric car at the start of the financing. The disadvantage is the longer finance period and a higher annual interest rate. 
Zero-percent financing is often a time-limited special offer from car manufacturers or dealers aimed at promoting the sale of electric vehicles. With this form of financing, additional interest is charged on the amount borrowed, so that the total amount to be repaid is identical to the amount originally financed. The amount to be financed is repaid in fixed monthly instalments. The term of the loan is determined in consultation with the lender and may vary depending on the agreement. Some financing options may require a down payment or a certain amount of capital, while others may offer the option of full financing without a down payment.