Schneider Electric Debuts Resi9 for Smart Home Energy


Schneider Electric has launched the Resi9 Energy Center, a new intelligent electrical panel designed for homes with renewable energy sources and new energy devices. Celebrating 100 years of circuit breakers, this innovation enhances safety and efficiency in homes, particularly important as more homeowners become 'prosumers'—producing and consuming their own electricity. Despite the critical role of electrical panels in home safety, a global consumer survey by Schneider Electric revealed a lack of awareness among homeowners, especially younger generations. The Resi9 Energy Center is a retrofit solution that integrates with existing panels, providing advanced hardware and software for secure electricity distribution and sustainable energy management. The accompanying Wiser Home Energy Management app offers homeowners real-time control and monitoring of their energy usage, optimizing the use of solar power and electric vehicle charging. Schneider Electric's commitment to electrical safety has evolved over the past century, with the Resi9 Energy Center marking the latest milestone in protecting homes against electrical risks.

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