Hong Kong Launches Tender for New EV Quick Charging Station


The Hong Kong Government has announced the public tendering of a new site at Shan Mei Street, Fo Tan, Sha Tin, for the purpose of converting it into a quick charging station (QCS) for electric vehicles (EVs), following a previous tender invitation in Kowloon East. The tender for the Sha Tin Town Lot 646, which spans 369.9 square meters, will close on May 31, with the aim to support the anticipated rapid demand for EV charging facilities. This move is part of the government's initiative to promote green vehicle transformation and achieve zero vehicular emissions by 2050, with no new registrations for fuel-propelled private cars starting in 2035 or earlier. To encourage the adoption of electric taxis and buses, a charging ceiling price mechanism will be established at designated QCSs, with prices set monthly by the Environmental Protection Department. Details of the charging ceiling price will be made available on the EPD website and the "EV-Charging Easy" app, as well as posted at each QCS for trade practitioners to monitor.

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