Measures ENNOVI Unveils Sustainable Flexible Circuit Tech for EV Batteries


ENNOVI, a mobility electrification solutions provider, has introduced an advanced and sustainable flexible die-cut circuit (FDC) production process for low voltage connectivity in electric vehicle (EV) battery cell contacting systems. This new technology presents a cost-effective alternative to the traditional flexible printed circuits (FPCs), which are the most expensive component in the current collector assembly and are limited in size. The FDC process reduces manufacturing steps and allows for faster continuous reel-to-reel production, with no length restrictions, and offers a more environmentally friendly solution by enabling instant copper recycling, avoiding the use of corrosive chemicals. ENNOVI's FDCs have been rigorously tested in-house, demonstrating similar performance characteristics to FPCs under certain design conditions. Gustavo Cibrian, Product Manager at ENNOVI, emphasizes that the FDC capability is in line with the company's commitment to a sustainable battery value chain for EVs, offering battery manufacturers a cost, time, and performance-balanced current collector assembly (CCA) design solution.

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