Elon Musk Departs Beijing as Tesla Secures China Data Security Approval


Elon Musk has concluded a brief visit to Beijing, during which Tesla received crucial data security clearance from Chinese authorities, positioning the company favorably in the largest electric vehicle market. Musk's trip, his second in under a year, included meetings with high-ranking officials and coincided with Tesla's local models being listed as compliant with China's data security standards. The clearance is a significant regulatory achievement, especially as Tesla moves closer to gaining approval for its assisted driving technology in China. Despite facing stiff competition from local manufacturers like BYD, Tesla's vehicles remain popular, and the company is eager to enhance sales with features like "Full Self Driving," which must adhere to China's stringent data and privacy regulations. Tesla's Model 3 and Model Y, manufactured in Shanghai, were among the models meeting the compliance requirements, although the company's advanced driving features still require driver supervision.

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