Didi and GAC Aion Set to Launch Robotaxi Production in 2025


China's leading ride-hailing company Didi and electric vehicle manufacturer GAC Aion have announced their joint venture, Andi Technology, which will start producing a new fleet of robotaxis with advanced autonomous driving technology next year. The venture, which was recently registered with a capital of 420 million yuan, aims to mass-produce fully self-driving electric vehicle robotaxis by combining GAC Aion's manufacturing expertise with Didi's self-driving technology. Scheduled for 2025, the joint venture will roll out crossover electric sport utility vehicles rated at Level 4 autonomy, capable of driving automatically under certain conditions while still requiring a driver's presence. This development comes as the industry moves towards the highest tiers of autonomous driving, with Levels 4 and 5 representing limited to no human intervention. In related news, U.S. EV leader Tesla has also declared its intention to reveal its own robotaxi in August, while refuting claims that it would abandon production of affordable models due to intense competition from Chinese firms.

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