Chery Automobile Breaks into UK Market with Octopus EV Leasing Deal


Chery Automobile, a Chinese state-owned carmaker, is making inroads into the European electric vehicle (EV) market by partnering with UK car rental company Octopus Electric Vehicles to lease out its Omoda EVs. This move comes as Chery seeks to establish trust with British consumers and expand its brand presence in Europe. The exact number of Omoda cars to be leased has not been disclosed. The partnership follows Octopus's recent deal with BYD, aiming to purchase 5,000 cars over three years. Chery's expansion includes selling its Omoda 5 SUV in Spain and plans to launch in the UK later this year. Despite potential tariffs and import curbs, Chinese EV makers like Chery are continuing to pursue global expansion, with Chery reporting significant sales growth in 2023, including a doubling of international deliveries.

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